Chinese Influencer Marketing

Chinese influencers give Chinese consumers direction, inspiration, and curation. They help them to navigate through the quickly changing luxury market. Nowadays, a right KOL’s influence goes far beyond the celebrity endorsements the western brands.

KOL Summit Offers

KOL Summit is a digital media and influencer marketing agency. We are the only agency in Canada that have exclusive partnerships with over 80 Vancouver-based, Chinese micro-influencers. We specialize in creating campaigns that precisely target the Chinese millennials market, the market with the highest purchasing power in Greater Vancouver Area.

Our influencers are passionate about creating content centered around luxury, fashion, jewelry, beauty, lifestyle, auto, and travel. We are the go-to partner for top luxury brands and creative agencies.

Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassadors and brand ambassador programs are an equally evolving area of influencer marketing. We offer an end-to-end education in what makes for a measurable and impactful ambassador program, offering recommendations and experience in both paid and unpaid ambassadors. From celebrity endorsements to micro-influencers, our foundation for a solid brand evangelist require authentic connections.

KOL Marketing​

KOLs (key opinion leaders) have become a big part of any brand’s marketing strategy when operating in China. With the history of scandal from brands bringing fake data or selling unsafe products, consumers are wary to trust brands they don’t know and often turn to social media to view recommendations. WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Little Red Book, TMall, Jingdong, and Taobao are the leading platforms to consider for KOL marketing campaigns. With intimate experience in working with KOLs, we are able to bring your campaign from ideation to execution with speed, efficiency, and creativity, while remaining true to your brand’s message and image.

Multi - Platforms


Instant messenger + photo/video timeline sharing with 1 billion users


Blog with 400 million users


Short videos sharing app with 1 billion users


E-commerce and review app with 70 million users.


Photo and video-sharing app with 1 billion monthly active users.